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Outfit advice according to your morphology


D-Day for your child is approaching; but which hat to choose in relation to its morphology and its outfit?

The mother or the mother-in-law is one of the important women during a wedding ceremony, she must know how to adopt a sobriety of good taste and stay on top throughout the ceremony, to support the young lovers!

Don't wear white – at least if you are asked to, since it is the color reserved for the bride.


The dress or suit that will fit you perfectly, leave you free to move and allow you to dance carefree;

A knee-length dress is now more current and wearing a trouser suit more modern.

Optionally, you can plan a second evening outfit for the evening.

Morphology advice


Each figure has its own adapted hat shape:

  •   petite and slender women, dare to layer them: organza or muslin on silk

A changing color effect, embroidered or beaded veils, lace or guipure...

Favor the details on a neckline. Choose Empire lines or a bustier to highlight your neck and shoulders. Sheath dresses and slightly fitted "3-hole" dresses will give you a very elegant sylph silhouette.


  •   thin: opt for the sheath dress, the very feminine and contemporary strapless dress.

The colors and prints will bring your unique outfit to life for this exceptional day.


  •   slim bust woman but round hips.

Everything is  rebalance the silhouette by enhancing the chest with a boned bustier. But still a push-up top framed by a shouldered bolero or an imposing stole. The most beautiful effect on a skirt flaring out from the hips. And don't forget your necklace!!!


  • woman with generous breasts and narrow hips

We recommend fleshing out the bottom with skirted lines on tulle or taffeta skirts with studied cutouts. To contain your chest, a "corset" type bustier will bring out your cleavage without unbalancing the general silhouette.


Finally the sizes XL or XXL: For a round or very tall woman, simplicity is essential.

The sober lines that refine without molding are recommended.

Prefer the neckline over a fitted jacket or a "Kennedy" dress with a pretty vaporous stole in fancy muslin.

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