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Dare to wear your hat!


In the fashion world, there are those who swear by hats and those who dare not wear hats.

Fear of being ridiculous, of not knowing how to find the right shape, of attracting attention or even the mistaken impression that the hat is reserved for an elite. Many people have a real psychological block and forbid themselves from wearing this headgear. Believe us: everyone has a head to hat!

To dare to wear a hat is to dare to show your true face.

You noticed a really nice hat on the head of a passerby. You have only one idea in mind: to get it and make it your new fashion accessory. If you fall in love with it, do not deprive yourself of anything but if this is not the case, be careful to choose a model that highlights you!

Hat & morphology

Everything is a question of morphology and analysis of the features of his face. It's about being honest with yourself and acknowledging your flaws while knowing how to rejoice in your traits. Morphology is a science at the service of fashion and of all those who are a little lost and afraid of committing fashion faux pas.

To help you make a first selection between the shapes of existing hats and to see more clearly, know that your face shape will be highlighted according to the chosen hat. If you have a more oval head, don't worry about anything because all shapes should suit you, so go for it!

Face shapes

For more square heads, opt for a rather round hat like the bowler, very original, or the vintage hat, in a bell, deliciously retro.

Round heads can go for fairly asymmetrical models like the trilby hat which will bring structure. Everything is in fact a question of balance: a small head will choose a high cap like the Fedora. Wide-brimmed hats like the capeline will also suit longer heads quite well.

Hats for all heads

Choosing a hat can be synonymous with originality and serve to define your style in the eyes of those around you. Many celebrities aren't afraid to use the hat as a way of expression. This is  a good way for them to be identified with their style. If you like to be seen by your  fashion sense, you can  make bold choices  of headwear. Play on the materials, on the asymmetry or the structure of the hat.


Bet on small details out of the ordinary 

You can opt for a hat and make the choice of matching the accessories with the clothes. You will therefore choose it in total agreement with your style.

A trilby hat if you like the rock chic style. A beautiful felt Fedora if you attach great importance to noble and well-worked materials.


For the most discreet, opt for a hat in sober tones that will go very easily with  your wardrobe. Black, gray or dark brown are the colors that will not disappoint you.

Pay attention to models with fairly classic shapes such as the Fedora or the Trilby. Avoid models with too many details that you might get tired of. You can opt for a Stetson hat, a classic  and easy to wear or at Brixton hat, with very current models.

From accessory to complete outfit

If you still don't dare to take the plunge, why not start by defining an outfit. Then make your choice of headgear. In the winter, decide which coats and scarves you are most likely to want to wear this hat with.


After this choice, analyze the volumes and colors of your outfits and opt for a hat with a complementary shape.  . That  will therefore be a reasonable and smart purchase that you can necessarily wear based on your own wardrobe.


With a long colored coat my ladies, a black Trilby will avoid a motley effect and reduce the length  of the coat.

To try the experience of wearing a hat on a daily basis, others will first prefer a  headgear to pair with the pieces in their wardrobe.

Try originality by opting for a hat that does not match your style  and make it the centerpiece. From the accessory to  a  outfit allows you to open your eyes to new  ways of dressing.

Women's fashion also borrows  many elements  male.

Many are those who are tempted by accessories that they would not have looked at before: like the felt hat!  This allows you to make discoveries and gain self-confidence and assert your own style!

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