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One of 3  musketeers  remaining as formers in France  !

Didier is a trainer  who introduces with passion and humor his profession in his majestic workshop in Caussade.

Many television shows, reports, journalists, hat makers, hat lovers have visited her workshop and her shop and many hat makers are proud and happy to work with her shapes.  


Nina is one of them and you can in the video below discover Didier Laforest's workshop and Nina explain using one of his hats formed on Didier's mold and see how a felt hat works. Here  Nina has worked on a Borsalino destinated for a wedding











Caussade and Didiers workshop 

gave him a warm welcome when he moved into his shop, which has also become his new place of residence. Many people integrated it very quickly and with great respect. Now everybody knows him and journalists,  photographers, famous or less famous  milliners are his clients ordering from all over the world his hat blocks. 


Didier Laforest sculpts wooden shapes according to his inspiration and to measure  at the request of its customers. 

Its renowned  quickly became international and its reputation impressive.

Today he makes us discover  his workshop with modern and old tools, all essential of course to do a beautiful and perfect job.

Hundreds of shapes are neatly stored in shelves in the workshop.

Facing its shelves, arranged on hat racks, are the collection of hats as original as they are perfect.

These hats from around the world from internationally renowned milliners were an intentional choice, as it is  quite exceptional for a former, who normally is mainly focused on  the excellent rendering of his work.


Didier, however, is interested in  making known the final result of its forms, formed by milliners.

The inauguration took place on July 12, 2017 and many of the internationally renowned people have indeed  made the way to his workshop to exhibit their creations until September.

Even Philip Tracey, British milliner, working among others for the Queen of England, did Didier the honor of sending 3 magnificent hats for his inauguration.

Didier since has done  his new home his a place of work and conviviality. AND - he has since married  the beautiful Ilona who creates magnificent silk flowers to adorn certain hats that Didier sells in his shop. But this is another story that Nina will tell you shortly.

une forme en bois de chapeau créée à l’atelier de Didier LaForest
une étagère remplie de nombreuses formes en bois de chapeaux
le formier Didier Laforest à Caussade dans son atelier
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