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Cathedral Veil

mariée vue de profil, portant une voilette de mariée ornée de fleurs en dentelle
mariée portant un bandeau en soie, couleur ivoire, sur le côté du bandeau une fleur ivoire avec de nombreuses pétales en ivoire, au centre des étamines couleur jaunes claire, une création entièrement fait sur mesure par SO ELEGANT by Nina



The veil

Very short, this bridal veil often looks like a simple fabric mounted asymmetrically that falls

on the face. It is the perfect choice for a wedding when the bride chooses a vintage or pin-up dress:

a dress that reaches the level of the calves, simple and without train.
This ultra short wedding veil will be perfect
  for a bride with short hair, but can also be

combined with a bun or long straight hair.



  20s -  a vintage or bohemian look?

a 20s or Roaring Twenties style wedding?

 SO ELEGANT by Nina  create for you  caps also called Juliet Cap,

(explanation on his site).

According to your wishes, Nina suggests that you decorate this hat with a pretty vintage flower in silk or velvet,

handmade in his workshop. A veil will give the final touch to the hat. This veil, depending on the creation, can be placed on the side as well as on the back.


The “shoulder” wedding veil  »
The length of this veil is usually between the shoulders and the middle of the back.

It is perfect if your wedding dress is decorated in the back and you want

highlight it. The veil on the shoulders is ideal for a wedding dress with corset  positioned

so that it comes just above the corset.

On the other hand, if you have a plunging neckline in the back, I recommend you  a veil that

comes just above the shoulders.

The veil on the shoulders is very pretty for a slim woman, it will not weigh down her silhouette.
It is currently very trendy in two forms:
– Double layer of tulle and a lot of volume, which will go perfectly with

modern. You can adapt it to the style of the dress by opting for a model with a few

rhinestones if it has any.

Be careful not to overload though.
– In cascade with also several thicknesses of tulle made by folds
and in a regular way.

This will go with a simpler, unburdened wedding dress.

Elbow wedding veil

It is the universal and most popular bridal veil. It comes to the level of the elbows or the

protrudes slightly.

The veil goes with almost all types of wedding dresses, except those with a train.

It blends gently with the dress and gives a very chic look to the back of the outfit.

In general, it is a bridal veil that can be worn with several types of hairstyle, it is easily placed on a high or low bun or even on different simpler hairstyles such as loose and curly hair.

It is also the style of veil that is chosen for the traditional aspect of wearing a veil. It can thus be personalized according to the dress with pearls, rhinestones, embroidery, lace...

If the dress is busy, opt for a simple veil, and conversely, if your dress is simple you have the possibility of loading the veil a little more with lace, embroidery...


The “finger” wedding veil
This type of veil is called a "finger" because it can easily be caught.

It reaches the level of the hands, therefore the fingers, which makes it very popular.

It goes with all models of long dresses, whether strapless or long-sleeved,

princess, mermaid or empire. For dresses that are very rich in embellishments, you will have to opt

for a rather simple, refined veil with thickness. With a fitted dress, favor

a voluminous bridal veil with several layers of tulle.

This type of veil can also go with a dress with a train.

You will then have to adjust it according to your desires: you can wear it entirely  in  back or opt

for  a back part and the other which will come to cover the face the front part will be shorter than

the one at the back).  Just See Kate Middleton's Wedding Photos To See How This Style Of Veil Looks

a nice rendering.

wedding veil that covers the face
In general, these are “elbow” or “finger” wedding veils. If you are a little shy, very emotional and/or very traditional, this is the type of veil for you. It will cover your face when you enter the Church and will bring you all the romance associated with the ceremony. You can lift it when kissing.

This type of wedding veil varies between neck and waist. Very often it is accompanied by a

second steering wheel more or less long at the back.

However, you have to be careful to do rehearsals before D-Day to know how you are doing.

lift it up, but also take it off after the celebration, depending on your hairstyle.


The  long sails

The “waltz” wedding veil
This wedding veil arrives between the knees and the ankles. Its length makes it less popular, but it does have some advantages: the charm it gives to the outfit, it does not reach the ground and therefore poses no problem when moving around (this is also why we calls it the "Waltz Veil" because you don't have to tie it on for the first dance).

Veils of this length are particularly suitable for simple, narrow, close-fitting wedding dresses. But we can still give it to bulkier dresses, everything will depend on the style and your morphology.

The “chapel” wedding veil
A dream veil for future brides, but more restrictive.

Before choosing this type of veil for your wedding, it should be remembered that this type of veil is risky. If you are rather small, the veil risks  to squeeze you. So if you want a long veil to elongate your silhouette, maybe opt for a “waltz veil”.

The chapel veil has a total length of 2 to 2.5 meters. It goes with many long wedding dresses and different styles. But remember that if your dress has a train, it should be a little shorter than the veil.
It can have one or more thicknesses. If it has several thicknesses, the first part will stop at the elbow, the second at the fingers and then the third at the ground. This type of veil will give more volume and lightness.



The “Cathedral” or “Royal” wedding veil

It evokes the reminiscence of the weddings of princesses of yesteryear.

  It usually has 3 to 3.5 meters of tulle. It will mainly accompany a wedding dress

imposing with train or as in the photo a very feminine and sober wedding dress where the veil

enhances the dress more. 
The cathedral bridal veil can be worn and put in place at the entrance to the Church and then replaced

in the evening by a shorter veil

The “mantilla” wedding veil 

The mantilla is a light veil that appeared in Spain and was traditionally worn by

Catholic women at mass. Mantilla (20th century).

Today the bride wears not only for religious reasons but also because

this veil is particularly feminine and romantic worn  like a cathedral veil,

therefore a minimum of 3 meters long.

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